The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MRDPA) is a specialized authority of the central public administration, with legal personality, subordinated to the Romanian Government.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration is responsible for: coordination of territorial cooperation programs, regional development, cohesion and territorial development, cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation, coordination of other non-reimbursable financing mechanisms / instruments / programs, construction discipline, urbanization and architecture, dwellings, residential units, residential buildings, thermal insulation of buildings, real estate management and development, for public works, construction, central and local public administration, decentralization, administrative and territorial reorganization and reorganization, local taxes and finance, dialogue with the associative structures of local authorities, the development of community public services, state aid granted by local public administration authorities, industrial parks, public office management, programming, coordinating, monitoring and controlling the use of non-reimbursable financial assistance to Romania by the European Union for the programs it manages.

In its fields of activity, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration performs the functions of: strategic planning; regulation and approval; representation; state authority in its fields of activity; administration; implementing and managing programs funded from European, national, as well as other legally established sources; monitoring and control; coordination; certification for cross-border cooperation programs 2014-2020.

MRDPA fulfills the functions of the Managing Authority / Joint Managing Authority, National Authority, Joint Technical Secretariat, Contact Point / National Contact Point / National Contact for ERDF-CTE, ENPI-CBC, ENI-CBC, IPA-CBC and national funds, as well as the control contact point for the programs funded by ENI-CBC.

The attributions of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration are implemented directly or through specialized subordinated technical bodies, authorities or institutions, coordinated or under the authority of the Ministry, other empowered authorities or commercial companies, according to the law. MRDPA fulfills any other attributions in its fields of activity established by normative acts and collaborates with the other ministries and specialized bodies subordinated to the Government, local authorities, other institutions and authorities and, according to the law, with any other legal or natural persons.